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A men's hair establishment

HIS GROOMING is a member of a collection of the finest independent barbershops in our region

Designed by & for the true gentleman


A true gentleman knows how to dress as well as he speaks.

Gentlemen DEFINED

HIS GROOMING is defining what it means to be a true gentleman, from those sitting in the chair as well as behind the chair.

We’re building a community of professionals passionate about Quality Grooming Services and Products

Traditional Barber Shop

An American Institution, the barbershop has long been a staple in the community.

What is a Gentleman

A man with Strength of Character who devotes his life to a superior standard of conduct.

Quality Service

One of the basic philosophies for any kind of style and pleasure experience is quality. Everything is set for your comfort, satisfaction, and a memorable experience.


Well-groomed men feel extra confident about themselves and fully realize their potential and abilities. Confidence is the key to success in all walks of life, and career is certainly part of that. Confident men have that sense of self-control and killer instinct that sets them apart from others, which helps them perform well in each and every aspect of their lives.

Knowing you can get things done and being in control isn’t enough in this judgmental world. You have to be able to reflect clearly that you completely believe in your abilities. Well-groomed and well dressed men do just that, they visibly present their own self-assurance, they have a great advantage over those who don’t care about dressing themselves particularly well


All of us are more interested in things that are attractive than those that are unattractive. People like to be associated with better-looking men and women, and that’s a fact. With their better physical appearance, well-groomed men are more likely to make better impressions and be held in high regards by others. A clean and organized look goes a long way in life and career

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