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Unlike any traditional barbershop, HIS Grooming offers a luxurious experience, not just a haircut and a shave. Our guests are greeted with a cozy modern classic atmosphere, a glass of wine or tea and a place to fully express themselves. Our services are boundless from shaving and haircutting to deep skin exfoliation, scalp treatments, beard care and much more. We believe in the Art and Science of haircutting, for this reason our haircuts are executed based on Industry Technical Standards and exclusively designed to fit each individual’s head and face shape, personality, and lifestyle.

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HIS Grooming is the innovative name in Men’s Grooming. Its foundation is built on the belief that today’s man deserves more than just a haircut. He deserves an experience of professionalism and sophistication – mirroring his own life – in an environment that is exclusively tailored to him.
Our friendly and professional staff will efficiently be at your service in the best discretionary manner to provide your comfortable staying.

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HIS is a business as distinctive and trend-setting as its clients – specifically those on Capitol Hill – offering personalized grooming services and high-end grooming products, while encapsulating the history, spirit, and rich essence of the traditional barbershop. 

About the owner

Jared scott

Jared Scott was born and raised right outside Philadelphia in Norristown, PA. With no known roots in the hair industry Jared took to barbering rather quickly. Realizing that men could talk, build and laugh amongst themselves all day seemed like a no brainer to him. A natural athlete, Jared took barbering as a competitive sport realizing he had to become his personal best. Jared decided early on that he would dedicate himself to the industry of Barbering and Men’s Grooming. His passion for the industry started at the young age of 13, and at the age of 16  he began working in the neighborhood barbershop. Jones’ Barber Shop is where he would learn the trade through Apprenticeship, not the traditional barber schooling route. This experience taught him the culture of the traditional barbershop as the owner, “Jonesy” as the entire community referred to him, began his barbering career in the 1950’s. The history and foundation pushed Jared to reimagine these ideals from a contemporary perspective. Since that initial christening into the Barbershop culture, Jared worked in other neighborhood barber shops continuing to hone his skill and experience.

Lead the Way!

The Men’s Grooming sector is growing, and anything that grows needs Direction and Leadership. We desire to become the Industry Leader and enlarge our territory and our culture to other parts of the District and beyond.

Spread the Word!

To spread our message which is that of the True Gentleman. We desire to bring together the Capitol Hill community and the surrounding neighborhoods based on this simple idea that a Gentleman can be any Race, Ethnicity, or Creed and works in any and every occupation. Strength of Character and an Above Average Standard of Conduct are a few traits that befit a Gentleman.


To Re-establish the Community aspect of the barbershop, an American Institution. The Barbershop in our culture is more than just a place to get cleaned up, it’s a meeting ground of the minds!

Our Vision

Traditional Barber Shop.

An American Institution, the barbershop has long been a staple in the community.

What is a Gentleman.

A man with Strength of character who devotes his life to a superior standard of conduct.

Quality Service.

One of the basic philosophies for any kind of style and pleasure experience is quality – everything is set for your comfort, satisfaction, and a memorable experience.

Our Mission

You matter!

Most importantly to help heal people through their hair. We have an opportunity to speak into people’s lives but also to listen to people’s hearts.


To employ men and women and teach them a craft that will allow them to abound for themselves and their families for the foreseeable future.


To teach the Craft of Barbering. The Art and Science of our profession has been watered down and many foundational principles have been lost over time. We desire to build it into our staff and the surrounding community brick by brick!