His Grooming

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His grooming has become one of the industry leaders when it comes to educating our barbers and stylist on principles of men’s hair cutting and the techniques that are associated with those styles. Haircut is not simply removing hair from the head, in fact it is a mixture of art and science. At his grooming we focus on creating a shape that compliments your features. We take into consideration eyes ears nose, the chin and the proportions as it relates to what is known as the perfect male shape.

As students of the art and craft we are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to see and do more. R constant pursuit places us in the arena of education as we begin to understand what it means to design men’s hair. We pay attention to your style, the time in which you’re willing to put into your hair, as well as the overall best fit.

We desire to continue to educate our industry however we are looking to become trailblazers as we educate you as well. We believe it’s important that as the client you understand the importance of not just what is being created but how is being created. We believe in the process just as much as the finished work.

Lead the Way!

The Men’s Grooming sector is growing, and anything that grows needs Direction and Leadership. We desire to become the Industry Leader and enlarge our territory and our culture to other parts of the District and beyond.

Spread the Word!

To spread our message which is that of the True Gentleman. We desire to bring together the Capitol Hill community and the surrounding neighborhoods based on this simple idea that a Gentleman can be any Race, Ethnicity, or Creed and works in any and every occupation. Strength of Character and an Above Average Standard of Conduct are a few traits that befit a Gentleman.


To Re-establish the Community aspect of the barbershop, an American Institution. The Barbershop in our culture is more than just a place to get cleaned up, it’s a meeting ground of the minds!

Our Vision

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An American Institution, the barbershop has long been a staple in the community.

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A man with Strength of character who devotes his life to a superior standard of conduct.

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One of the basic philosophies for any kind of style and pleasure experience is quality – everything is set for your comfort, satisfaction, and a memorable experience.